The Foreign Investment Advisory Council under the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus (FIAC) was established in order to enhance the effectiveness of efforts on attracting foreign investment and improve the investment environment of Belarus.

The FIAC’s activities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • developing proposals to improve investment legislation;
  • participating in the examination of regulatory and legal acts, which regulate relations connected with activities of commercial organizations with foreign investments;
  • making proposals in Republican bodies of state administration to consider repeal or modification of regulatory and legal acts restricting investors’ rights, as well as accepting new acts to attract foreign investment into the Republic of Belarus.

The FIAC is headed by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus, who is the Chairman of the FIAC; his deputy is the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus.

On the part of the Republic of Belarus, the FIAC consists of heads of Republican bodies of state administration and other state organizations, subordinated to the Government of the Republic of Belarus; on the foreign part, the FIAC consists of heads of international organizations, foreign companies and corporations.

Within the framework of the FIAC, the standing committee and working groups operate.

The FIAC has working groups on:

  • improvement of doing business conditions;
  • creation of a favorable investment image of Belarus abroad;
  • improvement of tax policy, customs procedures and accounting systems. Read the article
  • development of financial markets and financial institutions. Read the article
  • provision with well-qualified personnel. Read the article
  • optimization of rules, regulations and civil design standards. Read the article

To join the FIAC, its Standing Committee or working groups please contact:

  • Inna Pashkevich, Media relations specialist, Ernst & Young Belarus by calling +375 17 2404242 or by e-mail:

Companies wishing to become members of the FIAC and its working groups need to fill out an application form.

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