Ikon Distribution to supply fashion brands to Belarusian market

29 october 2019

Ikon Distribution is a new foreign company registered in Belarus with the support of NAIP. The company is to import fashion brands to Belarusian market. 

Since August 2019, NAIP is accompanying Baltic Street company, Latvia. NAIP managers held few meetings with the management of the foreign company, and supported company's registration under Ikon Distribution trademark in Belarus. 

In the following two years the company plans to open few concept stores in strategic locations with various partners. 

Baltic Street is operating for more than 18 years in different countries, such as France, Spain, Baltic states. The company  imports and distributes exclusively leading brands such as Thrasher, Havaianas, Dr Martens, Saucony among others.

Image in preview: ikondistribution.com.