World Investment Forum in Geneva, 22-26 October 2018

World Investment Forum in Geneva, 22-26 October 2018

World Investment Forum in Geneva, 22-26 October 2018

Belarus will take part in the World Investment Forum of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, which will be held on 22-26 October in Geneva.

The forum participants will discuss the ways of directing foreign direct investment flows to promote sustainable development. The event will  address global  challenges for international investment in a new era of globalization and industrialization. It is expected that more than 5,000 representatives of governments, business, civil society, academic circles, international organizations, media will participate in the World Investment Forum 2018.

The stakeholder landscape encompasses high-level participants from the global investment community, including Heads of State and Government, ministers, executives of global companies and stock exchanges, sovereign wealth fund managers, investment treaty negotiators, heads of investment promotion agencies, international investment location experts, heads of international organizations, parliamentarians, civil society representatives, eminent scholars, and the international media.


Organized under the overall theme Investing in Sustainable Development, the Forum will address global challenges for international investment in the new era of globalization and industrialization. Investment stakeholders will gather to brainstorm solution-oriented initiatives and build global partnerships to advance prosperity for all.

The 2018 Forum will consist of some fifty events, including a grand opening, the Global Leaders Investment Summit, the Global Investment Game Changers Summit, ministerial roundtables, conferences, private sector-led sessions, TED-style presentations, high-profile stakeholder roundtables, networking events, award ceremonies and an Investment Village.

The delegation of the Republic of Belarus will be headed by the representatives of the  Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Finance, the National Agency of Investment and Privatization, Great Stone Industrial Park Development Company, Minsk FEZ, Grodnoinvest FEZ and and the Permanent Mission of Belarus in Geneva .

The World Investment Forum will offer member States the possibility to showcase their countries’ investment opportunities in the Investment Village. The Village, located in the proximity of the main meeting rooms of the Forum, will feature public investment exhibitions, ensuring visibility and interaction. Belarus will also place its country stand at the exhibition Investment Village. The official opening, involving high-level UN and partner country officials, will take place on 23 October at 13:00.

The forum will include the World Investment Leaders Summit, the Global Investment Games Summit, ministerial round tables, conferences, private sector meetings, TED-style presentations, round tables with a wide range of stakeholders, networking events, award ceremonies.

The program of the forum can be found here

We invite foreign investors to visit the country stand of the Republic of Belarus, as well as to take part in events with the participation of the Belarusian side:

On 23 October 2018 (13.15-14.45), during the "Talking Business: Eastern Europe and Central Asia" session Ms Elena Perminova, Head of the Investmentment Policy Division of the Ministry of Economy, will present the prospects for improving the investment climate in Belarus. “Talking Business” are interactive sessions between governments and business. They provide a platform to showcase investment opportunities in countries, explore new investment horizons and interact with high-level country representatives.

On 26 October 2018 (10.00-13.00), within the framework of the session “Special Economic Zones: Challenges and Opportunities”, Deputy General Director of Industrial Park Development Company Sergey Vaitiekhovsky will talk about the advantages and peculiarities of work in Great Stone Industrial Park. In this session, organized in collaboration with FEMOZA, lessons learned for designing the right infrastructure, facilitation services, and incentives, creating economies of scale and promoting transfer of the latest technologies in the zones, will be shared and synthesized for developing zone models that can be adopted and adapted to individual countries’ needs. It will specifically address challenges related to the modernization of SEZs, such as those related to sustainable economic zones, strategic alliances, digitalization, domestic and regional linkages and new sources of financing for innovation-driven zones, putting theory into practice.

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To arrange the bilateral meetings with the members of the Belarusian delegation during the Forum, please contact:

Ms Julia Baranskaya, Head of Marketing and Communications Department, NAIP 
Tel .: +375 17 200 38 05 

Mr Dmitri Fomchenko, Deputy Permanent Representative, Permanent Mission of Belarus to the UN Office and other international organizations in Geneva
Tel .: +41 22 740 24 51