The National Agency of Investment and Privatization is a uniqe support center for foreign investors, which helps them to do business in Belarus and implement investment projects for free.

Since its establishment in 2010, the Agency has participated in the implementation of more than a thousand projects.

Belarus in the heart of Europe, which is rich with mineral resources,famous for highly qualified specialists and has thousands of production sites and real estate objects that are attractive for investment. You can get acquainted with them on the Agency's interactive online service - the Investor's Roadmap.

The Agency provides its clients with the following services:

•  provides information on investment opportunities and projects, preferential treatment, benefits, legislation etc.

• looking for potential partners for the implementation of investment projects, organizes meetings, negotiations to establish cooperation;

• organizes visits to the Republic of Belarus for business circles;

• provides post-investment support.

Here you can find a presentation about The National Agency of Investment and Privatization

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