National Agency of Investment and Privatization is a state organization established for attracting foreign direct investments in the Republic of Belarus. The aim of the Agency is to improve investment image of Belarus abroad, promote foreign investment projects on the territory of the country, and encourage potential investors to invest in the enterprises of pilot privatization project which is carried out together with the World Bank.

National Agency of Investment and Privatization has come in the world investment process and the global struggle for capital a while ago. Nevertheless, in case of building a strategic trust relationship between business and government, it has already approved itself as a reliable partner for international and local companies by encouraging the state and enterprises to establish strategic confidential relations.

The Agency creates positive image of the country showing its potential for investment on the significant markets of the world and organizing the Belarusian Investment Forum. Maintaining balance between the country’s and investors’ interests, it introduces the best international practices of state property privatization with the assistance of the World Bank. The privatization tenders help to find those investors all over the world who would like to carry out their projects on new markets.