Belarusian production sector occupies first places among the sectors of the economy that are priority for foreign investments. Enterprises of the country are interested in new joint projects in order to preserve export positions, gain new experience, introduce innovations and expand the product line. The main form of attracting foreign investors into the automotive industry is the creation of joint ventures with transnational corporations, the privatization of certain state organizations or the creation of international alliances in auto components production, agricultural machinery, assembly production of trucks.

Production sector in Belarus has strong export positions in foreign markets, mainly CIS. Belarus has quite competitive industrial clusters, which may be of interest to strategic and financial investors. The machine-building complex of Belarus is more than three hundred enterprises whose products have already become a brand, known on the world stage. Belarus specializes in the production of trucks, buses and special machinery and is a major producer of agricultural machinery. Belarus accounts for 30% of the world production of heavy quarry dump trucks and 17% of combine harvesters. High educational standards provide a competitive and highly skilled workforce for the engineering industry.

The most important factors of the investment attractiveness of Belarus production sector are high importance of the industry in the country's economy, high profitability indicators and state support of the industry.

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