The textile industry is estimated as the largest in terms of output in the light industry. The segment cooperate the production of all types of fabrics, knitwear, felting and other products. Knitting industry is focused on the production of knitwear, stockinet, hosiery and other products. Knitwear of such Belarusian brands as “Polesye”, “Alesya”, “8 Marta”, “Svitanak” is widely known.
The sewing industry of light industry includes about 170 manufactures. The main activity of these enterprises is the tailoring of costumes and outerwear, children's clothing items, underwear, hats and fur products. The largest garment factories in Belarus have a “portfolio” of export brands that are exported within the CIS, as well as to the UK, Denmark, Poland, USA, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic.

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