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Transport and logistics

The geographical position of the Republic of Belarus predetermined its role as a country with a logistics and transport-transit potential.

Belarus is at the crossroads of the main transport routes linking the states of Western Europe with the East, the regions of the Black Sea coast with the countries of the Baltic Sea. The territory of Belarus is crossed by 2 trans-European transport corridors, identified by the international classification under number II (West-East) and number IX (North-South) with IX B branch.

On the one hand, the sphere of transport communications in Belarus located at the intersection of transit routes is  at the stage of improving the quality and accessibility of services for the population, on the other hand, it solves the issues of development of export-import and transit operations for foreign carriers. More than 100 million tons of European cargo passes through the territory of Belarus every year. At the same time, the transport potential of Belarus has not been fully realized: the transport corridors of the country have a load of no more than 25-40% of their real capacity. Foreign carrier companies are interested in transporting goods across the country, taking into account the heavy traffic between Europe and Russia.

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