For companies interested in IT business development, the Belarusian Hi-Tech Park is one of the largest clusters in Central and Eastern Europe.
The uniqueness of HTP is in the successful combination of high-quality technical education, high level of professionalism of it specialists and state support of the IT industry.

Tax benefits for residents of Hi-Tech Park

Exemption from:

Налог на прибыль  Corporate Income Tax (1)           Земельный налог   Land Value Tax (5)  

Налог на недвижимость  Real Estate Tax (2)                       Таможенные пошлины   Customs Duties (4)  

Земельный налог   VAT (3)                                           Таможенные пошлины   Offshore Duty (6)

Земельный налог   Local Taxes and Fees

(1) - Exemption (with the exception of income tax in the performance of tax agent duties, income tax in respect of profits from the sale of used property, as well as income tax calculated at the rate of 9 %, in respect of individual investment income); 

(2) - Exemption on objects of taxation in the territory of the HTP, the payers of which are residents of the HTP, except for such objects leased by them; 
(3) - Exemption; 
(4) - Exemption from import customs duties (taking into account international obligations of the Republic of Belarus) and VAT levied on the import of technological equipment, components and (or) spare parts; 
(5) - Exemption for the period of construction, but not more than 3 years;
(6) - The exemption for objects of taxation of offshore duty; 
Other benefits: 
1.     Foreign Entities Corporate Income Tax – 5 % for dividends; 
2.     A reduction factor of 0.5 on rent may be applied; 
3.     Exemption from payment of life insurance premiums from wages in terms of income exceeding the average monthly wage in the Republic