Great Stone Industrial Park covers an area of 117.6 km², it has a unique legal status and regime which ensures a comfortable business environment.

The Park is located 25 km from the capital of Belarus, Minsk, in a natural complex, in close proximity to the international airport, railways, and the Berlin-Moscow international highway.

The main aim of Great Stone is to develop high-tech export-oriented industries, transfer innovation and produce goods for world markets.

There are currently, 87 residents from 15 countries registered at the park.

The criteria for residency requires an investment in project implementation of at least 5 million US dollars, or at least 500 thousand US dollars, providing investments are made within 3 years following the conclusion of the agreement with the Park’s Administration. R&D projects with an investment of at least 500 thousand US dollars qualify for residency, without restrictions on investment timescales.

The industrial park implements projects in such the spheres such as, electronics and telecommunications, mechanical engineering, fine chemistry and pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and new materials, research and development, e-commerce as well as storage and processing of large amounts of data.

The park’s main benefits and preferences:

·        exemption from income tax for ten years commencing from the date of first profit. In subsequently years, income tax is paid at half the Belarusian national rate (until 2062); 

·        exemption from real estate tax (until 2062);

·        exemption from land tax (until 2062);

·        exemption from income tax for foreign organizations which do not operate in the Republic of Belarus through a permanent establishment;

·        service provision to residents based on the “one station” principle;

·        reduced prices for electricity and natural gas;

·        functioning of the “territorial” customs zone;

·        ability to construct production facilities in accordance with foreign standards, without adapting the project to Belarusian standards or modification in a simplified manner;

·        reduction of the time required for a number of procedures;

·        stabilization clause.

Land plots in the industrial park can be rented for a period of 99 years or purchased as private property.

The Park Administration provides services to Park residents and investors the “one station” basis. Representatives of the One Station Investor Services Department, help companies with administrative procedures and provide a link to government agencies and organizations.

In 2019, The Great Stone was recognized as the best project within the Belt and Road Initiative in Central and Eastern Europe by Asiamoney. The park also received two nominations in the FDi Free Zones of the Year Awards 2019, a Financial Times affiliated company. In addition, the park was recognized as the Industrial Project of the Year in Eastern Europe by the EuropaProperty agency and was awarded winner in the Fastest Growing Industrial Park nomination by the World Federation of Free and Special Economic Zones (FEMOZA Awards 2019).

In 2020, the industrial park won the "Best Project of the One Belt - One Road Initiative" award, presented by FDi Free Zones of the Year 2020.  The award formally recognized Great Stone Industrial Park as a key part of One Belt-One Road initiative, offering developed infrastructure and logistics, an excellent geographic location and with numerous market opportunities.

Detailed information is available on the site of the industrial park.



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