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Business on sale

Acquisition of property (assets) under the procedure of economic insolvency (bankruptcy)

Full or partial property acquisition of bankrupt enterprise makes it possible to start business from scratch.

Benefits for investor:

  • acquisition process is clearly established under the law of the Republic of Belarus "On economic insolvency (bankruptcy)" and carried out under the supervision of judicial authority;
  • property is sold on the basis of independent assessment;
  • assets are bought clear from debts and social obligations without any preconditions;
  • property (non-movable assets) is sold through open bidding (the object cost can be reduced by creditors) or through direct contracts (upon realizable value);
  • no commitments for transfer of social facilities and social infrastructure maintenance. Bankruptcy reliefs the property from all kinds of encumbrances;
  • the right for assets purchase does not require approval, as well as the consent of the local authorities, and is implemented without delays.

The entire list of property under the procedure of economic insolvency (bankruptcy) is available at the Unified State Register of Bankruptcy Information (Russian only).

For additional information in English please contact us via the following e-mail: (ref. Bankruptcy).

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