According to Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus dated on 31/12/2018 № 506 “About development of Orsha district of Vitebsk region” all the enterprises of Orsha district have different preferences.
In the territory of Orsha district multi-modal logistic site “Bremino-Orsha” is situated. Nowadays the Draft Decree about assignation of  special economic zone status  to “Bremino-Orsha” (SEZ “Bremino-Orsha”).
Information about the unused and inefficiently used and inefficiently used real estate objects located in the territory of Orsha district, which are subject to involvement in economic turnover, can be found here.

Tax benefits for companies on the territory of Orsha district:

Налог на прибыль   Corporate Income Tax (1)               Налог на прибыль по дивидентам   VAT (4)   

Налог на прибыль по дивидентам   Customs duties (2)                          Пошлины на выполнение специальных работ, на вид на жительство    Compensation of forestry and  agricultural production losses (5)

Таможенные пошлины и НДС   State Fees (3)

(1) - Exemption from importation of goods classified by the EAEU FEACN in the commodity items listed in paragraph 1 of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus of June 13, 2001 № 16, regarding to which the rate of import customs duty is zero (0) percent;
(2) - Exemption from VAT for goods imported by legal entities and individual entrepreneurs registered with their location (residence) in the Orsha Region, and classified according to the CN FEA EAEU in the commodity items;

(3) - Exemption for the issuance of special permits for the right to work in the Republic of Belarus to foreign citizens and stateless persons;
(4) - Eduction in full (except for tax amounts not deductible) for the construction and equipping of facilities in the Orsha district;
(5) - Exemption from the implementation of projects to create (expand) the production of goods (works, services).
  Other benefits:
1.     for rent applied a factor of 0.0025 to land that is leased from 1 January 2019.
2.     simplified tax system in terms of expanding the range of payers and reducing rates;
3.     investment deduction for buildings, structures– no more than 30 %; for machinery and equipment– no more than 50%;
4.     do not accrue interest during deferment, and (or) the installment plan for payment of taxes, charges (duties), penalties;
5.     contributions to the Federal tax service in the amount of 24%;
6.     financial support of medium-sized businesses at the expense of the regional budget.


  • Special economic zone
  • Multimodal logistics
  • Located at the junction of two markets - EU and EEU
  • Complete services
It is a multimodal logistics platform in the Special economic zone, founded to operate with intransit flow of cargo and organize production, assembly or repair of different consumer goods, to demonstrate and provide output on the EU and EEU markets.

  • Assembly of domestic appliances and electronics
  • Pharmaceuticals and preparations
  • Food products prepacking (coffee, tea, rice)
  • Motor vehicle parts and acc
  • Perfumery and cosmetics
  • Household chemicals
  • Home and interior products
  According to the Decree about SEZ “Bremino-Orsha” its resident-entities  will have further benefits:

Налог на прибыль    Corporate Income Tax (1)          Налог на прибыль по дивидентам    State Fees (6)

Налог на прибыль  Land Value Tax (2)                         Таможенные пошлины и НДС    VAT (7)

Налог на недвижимость  Real Estate Tax (3)                        Пошлины на выполнение специальных работ, на вид на жительство    Foreign Entities Corporate Income Tax (8)
Таможенные пошлины и НДС  Custom Duties (4)                         Налог на прибыль по дивидентам   Offshore Duty (5)

(1) - Exemption for 9 years from the first tax period in which gross profit arose, then at a rate reduced by 50% of the current;

(2) - Land sites are leased to the management company for 99 years. The management company is exempt from rent;
(3) - Exemption for 20 years on the objects of taxation in SEZ, regardless of the direction of their use;
(4) - Exemption from payment of import customs duties, taxes (on raw materials placed under the customs procedure of the FTZ) when exporting finished products outside the EAEU. Exemption for the import of goods (technological equipment, components and spare parts, raw materials) for the implementation of the investment project in the Park, including construction. Exemption from customs VAT of vehicles for transportation of goods, tractors, trailers (up to 31.12.2023), aircraft, railway trains not produced in Belarus. The territorial status of SEZ;
(5) - Exemption on transfer of dividends and equivalent income;
(6) - Exemption for the issuance (extension) of permits to attract foreign labor to the Republic of Belarus, special permits for the right to engage in labor activity in the Republic of Belarus;
(7) - The deduction in full;
(8) - 0% within 5 years from the first year of gross profit.
  Other benefits:
1.     operation of the “territorial” zone;
2.     possibility of construction according to foreign standards without adaptation of the project to the Belarusian standards or with adaptation in the simplified order (in both cases, the choice of contractors and engineering organizations without carrying out procedures of purchase and free formation of the prices in construction, simplification of procedure of acceptance in operation of the objects constructed in Park;
3.     stabilization clause;
4.    simplified system of taxation regarding expansion of the taxpayers’ number and reduction;
5. Do not accrue interest with deferred and (or) installment payment of taxes, fees (duties), penalties;
6. other ;
7. financial support for medium enterprises by the regional budget.

Learn more about Special economic zone Bremino-Orsha:              Guide "How to become Bremino-Orsha resident"